The Founders

Brian Carl Quinones, Ed.D., LPC, ACS has been a licensed counselor since 2009. He has the experience of 15 years working in the field. Is certified as an Autplay Therapist and a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor. As a member of the Association for Play Therapy, he believes in the core principles of the Therapeutic Powers of Play. His dissertation “Home-based Services: From the Therapists’ Perspective,” explored the themes that became the foundation of his values as a therapist. Since completing his doctorate in 2013, he has focused on studying game theory and design, and how gameplay affects the therapeutic process through social-emotional learning and skill development. He attends professional game design conferences, panels, and seminars yearly for continued career development in counseling, play therapy, and the gaming industry.

Dr. Brian C. Quinones

Clinical Supervisor and Co-Owner

Timothy J. Grant

Timothy Grant

Program Director and Co-Owner

Timothy Grant designed his first Role-Playing game in 1995 and has been designing games since. From 1999 till 2012 he has worked in various levels of management. While working his way up to corporate roles he was studying game theory and how games affect people socially and mentally. After his son was born in 2012, he decided to solely focus on game theory and design. In 2014 he started working as a Consultant, and Community Outreach Liaison for Quinones Counseling Services, LLC. In 2018, he co-founded Gaming Approaches Towards Education, LLC with Dr. Moses L. James III, and Dr. Brian Carl Quinones. Currently, Timothy is using all the skills learned from years in management and game theory studies to help develop therapeutic interventions through play for GATE.

Moses L. James III, Ed.D., LPC, NCC, ACS, BC-TMH, CCBT has worked in the in-home from 2005. His dissertation entitled, “Exploring Multicultural Counseling Competence Within Intensive In-Community Counseling: A Mixed Methods Study,” explored the perceptions of counseling experiences within the family, examined the perceptions of multicultural counseling competence in the family and provided a document that explores the viewpoints of the home-based counseling experience. In his over 19-year career, he has become a National Certified Counselor, Board Certified TeleMental Health Provider and specializes in Cognitive-behavioral Therapy. Currently, he is still working as a Licensed Counselor, while helping further develop programs for GATE.

Dr. Moses L. James III

Dr. Moses L James

Clinical Director and Co-Owner


Dr. Ruby Velez LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Taryn Ney

Behavioral Assistant 

Fannie Arocho

Social Media Specialist & Secretary 

Danielle Quintino

Billing Specialist 

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