ADHD Therapy in Edison, NJ

ADHD Therapeutic Treatments

Individual Therapy

In our ADHD therapy in Edison, NJ, we use psychotherapy sessions to help you talk about your issues. Individual therapy is private and geared toward helping you understand your symptoms so you can better cope.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

In cognitive-behavioral therapy, our counselors can help you understand how your thought processes influence your behaviors. We’ll help you develop better thoughts and coping strategies for when you encounter difficult ADHD-related situations.

Group Therapy

Group therapy allows you to interact with other people who have ADHD under the guidance of a therapist. It’s an effective way to learn from shared experiences and get support from those who also have ADHD.

Play Therapy

Our counselors use board games, storytelling, role-playing, sand trays, and expressive arts in ADHD therapy to build better communication and problem-solving skills.

Therapy Based on Your Needs

Our therapy services aren’t pre-set; we always tailor our services to your specific mental health needs. After your consultation and evaluation, we’ll create a plan that works best for you.

How Does ADHD Therapy Work?

ADHD therapy in Edison, NJ, can be helpful for children and adults to manage their ADHD. Our therapies can help you understand your symptoms, break your negative thought patterns, and address your mental health concerns. In addition, therapy can help you cope with your ADHD and find support from others like you.

ADHD Therapy Process

When you pursue ADHD therapy at GATE, our therapists will guide you through the process of getting started. This process includes a consultation, evaluation, and initial appointment.


When you have your consultation, we’ll collect information about your prior diagnoses, insurance, and desires for treatment. This is the first step in developing your customized therapy treatment. 

You will choose between telehealth or in-person sessions, and we will set up with TheraNest, our web-based confidential program that stores your information.


Our therapists will evaluate you after guiding you through a self-evaluation. This process helps our therapists determine your mental health needs and the best therapeutic treatment. We use this information to best tailor our services to you.


Once our initial evaluations are complete, you can start scheduling appointments at your convenience on TheraNest. In addition, you may input a credit card onto TheraNest to make handling your co-payments easier.

Benefits of ADHD Therapy


Enhanced Focus

Maintaining focus can be one of the more challenging aspects of ADHD. Our therapists help you find new ways to manage your responsibilities, stay organized, make better decisions, and much more. We strive to build upon your strengths and find new ways to deal with your weaknesses during ADHD therapy in Edison, NJ.


Strategies for Suitable Behavior

Hyperactivity, impulsive behavior, and inattention are all common symptoms of ADHD that cause an effect on behaviors and decision-making. ADHD therapy helps you understand these symptoms and how best to handle them when difficult situations arise.


Improved Self-Esteem

ADHD therapy in Edison, NJ, can also help with issues of self-esteem. Those with ADHD can have problems with feelings of embarrassment or self-doubt. Our therapists and counselors help you create better thought patterns, which can help in situations where you have low self-esteem.

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