Autism Therapy in Edison, NJ

Autism Therapy Services

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Individual Therapy

At Therapy in Play, we use this therapeutic service in our autism therapy in Edison, NJ. Individual therapy uses a safe, confidential and one-on-one environment where you address your mental health issues associated with being neurodiverse and get the help you need. During these sessions, you have the full attention of our counselors to get the advice and support you need to address your struggles.

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

In cognitive-behavioral therapy, our counselors help you understand how your negative thoughts lead to negative actions and what you can do to change these thought patterns. We also give you the tools and coping strategies to deal with negative situations as they happen.

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Group Therapy

One of our therapists or counselors leads Group therapy, which allows you to share your experiences with others on the spectrum. This opportunity allows you or your child to connect with others on the spectrum and feel empowered from the support.

Play Therapy

We use play during our autism therapy in Edison, NJ. Play therapy uses board games, storytelling, role-playing, sand trays, and expressive arts to teach communication and life skills.

Therapy Based on Your Needs

At GATE, we work with you to determine how best to apply our therapy services to you. We tailor our treatments to your unique mental health needs and goals for therapy.

How Does Autism Therapy Work?

The goal of autism therapy is to help create better thought patterns and healthy behaviors. Both adults and children can benefit from therapy because the main difficulties with neurodivergence are common among many on the spectrum. These struggles include sensory sensitivity, depression, relationship issues, loneliness, and miscommunication. We can help you work through these challenges in a safe environment.

GATE Therapy Intake Process

Our autism therapy process involves an initial consultation, evaluation, and scheduling of therapy appointments.

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When we first meet you, one of our therapists will collect important information about you. This information includes any prior diagnoses, insurance, and your goals for treatment. In addition, we’ll ask your preference between in-person sessions or online telehealth sessions. We also set up all of our clients with TheraNest, our confidential web-based program that stores all of your information and appointments in one location.

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To start, we walk you through a self-evaluation followed by an evaluation by one of our counselors. These evaluations help determine your needs, document your mental health needs, and determine your level of care. Once we have a good idea of what you hope to gain from therapy, we’ll use all of this information to formulate a unique treatment plan for you.


After the first two steps, you may create, cancel, or reschedule your appointments around your schedule, right on TheraNest. In addition, on TheraNest, you may input your credit card information to handle your co-payments from your sessions.

Benefits of Autism Therapy

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Improved Communication Skills

Autism therapy can help improve you or your child’s communication skills. During our autism therapy in Edison, NJ, our therapists help you find better ways to express yourself, in addition to working through the difficult thoughts and actions you have related to your autism.


Improve Behavior

We work with you to help you understand the connection between your negative thoughts and your negative behaviors. We’ll build upon this understanding to find better ways to overcome difficult situations and improve your overall thought processes.

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Improved Self Esteem

Autism can have an impact on your self-esteem. We’ll work with you to find better coping strategies for difficult situations and give you the tools you need to live positively on the spectrum.

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