Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in NJ

Are you looking for cognitive behavioral therapy for yourself or on behalf of a family member? The therapists at GATE provide high-quality, personalized CBT in New Jersey. We work with our clients to help them restructure their thoughts and change their behaviors. Contact GATE today to schedule a consultation with one of our staff.

Types of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is clinically proven to effectively treat anxiety disorders, depression, and other mood disorders. In addition to these, cognitive-behavioral therapy Is also considered a valuable tool to help people diagnosed with eating disorders, sleeping disorders, PTSD, phobias, substance abuse disorders, and obsessive-compulsive thought disorder.


CBT helps children develop critical-thinking skills about their thought processes. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, children learn that the way they perceive themselves and the world through their thoughts leads to certain behaviors. CBT is recommended as a supplemental therapy for common diagnoses in children and can help them develop self-control, critical thinking, and a healthy self-image.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps adults to rework their thought processes towards a specific goal. This particular talk therapy is useful because it has many applications and can apply to a multitude of specific issues such as stress, trauma, grief, depression, PTSD, and other mental illness

Play Therapy

Play therapy utilizes our innate desire to play to develop specific social, emotional, and developmental skills. Our cognitive-behavioral therapy in NJ uses play such as role-playing, simulation, and thought experiments to teach necessary life skills and coping mechanisms.

Therapy Based on Your Needs

Cognitive-behavioral therapy can be administered in individual sessions, parent-child sessions, family sessions, and group sessions. We work with you and your family to design the most suitable treatment plan.

How Does Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Work?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy known as talk therapy. Generally, the therapist guides the client through various thought exercises, experiments, and role-playing to help the client reframe their thought processes regarding a specific topic. Since CBT addresses the thought processes directly, it can be applied to any issue a client is experiencing. 

After an initial session(s), the therapist designs a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your needs and goals. Based on those specifics, the therapist will lead you through various CBT techniques to help you restructure your thought processes, develop the skills necessary to identify and isolate unproductive or harmful thoughts and cultivate direct action to address these issues when they arise.

GATE Therapy Intake Process

The licensed cognitive behavioral therapists at Gaming Approaches Towards Education, LLC (GATE) use a three-step process to help you receive the best treatment possible. The three steps are as follows: consultation, evaluation, and initial appointment.


This phase allows us to determine what type of therapy is best suited to your or your child’s needs. First, we take care of bureaucratic measures like going over insurance. Then we discuss you: your medical history, therapy goals, and which type of session(s) you’d prefer. Your medical data is kept in one place securely using the confidential web-based program, TheraNest.


Once the basics are established, we move on to evaluating the best plan for your needs. We take the information gathered from the consultation phase and design a therapy plan with specific, incremental goals. We will re-evaluate your plan every so often to adjust treatment as needed.


The appointment phase is where we implement your treatment plan and work towards the specific goals outlined within it. Using TheraNest, you can schedule, reschedule, and make payments online at your convenience.

Benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Improved Self Esteem

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help to improve your self-perception. Our therapists will help you analyze the negative thoughts you have surrounding your self-image, demonstrating through self-reflection that these thoughts may not be based on reality. Then, our therapist will help you develop skills to identify when you are having negative thoughts, how they are affecting you, and what you can actively do to switch the narrative in your head.

Healthy Coping Strategies

Cognitive behavioral therapy can also help you better understand how you react to certain stressors you face daily. Oftentimes, our mood is a direct result of how we think about certain situations, especially stressful situations or situations associated with past trauma. Our therapists will help you identify what is causing you to react a certain way and teach you coping skills that will change your behavior over time.

Improved Communication Skills

By using cognitive behavioral therapy as a tool, our clients are better able to understand themselves. Self-knowledge is essential for coming up with strategies to help improve your communication skills. Our therapists work with you to better understand how you interact with others and why your behavior in the past might have led to adverse outcomes.

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