Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Edison, NJ

GATE offers cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, in Edison, NJ, for those struggling with their mental health. With the help of mental health professionals and cutting-edge techniques, you can learn to cope with your mental health issues. GATE’s team of specialists will keep your sessions confidential, identify the length of treatment that’s right for you, and customize your CBT, so it’s tailored to your unique needs.

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Types of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Cognitive-behavioral therapy is clinically proven to effectively treat mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and many more. CBT is also used alongside other therapies to help individuals with eating disorders, sleeping disorders, phobias, PTSD, substance abuse disorders, and obsessive-compulsive thought disorders.

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CBT helps children develop critical-thinking skills about their thoughts and how they connect to their actions. Although it may seem complex, the expertise of a skilled therapist can help children understand how the way they perceive themselves and the world around them directly leads to certain behaviors. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is often used as a supplemental therapy for common diagnoses in children, such as ADHD, and it can help them develop better self-control, critical thinking skills, and a healthier sense of self.

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CBT also helps adults with several mental health issues, compelling them to rework their perspective on certain things. This particular talk therapy is useful because it can be personalized towards an adult’s specific condition, whether they’re managing stress, trauma, grief, PTSD, depression, or another mental illness.

Play Therapy

Play therapy takes our desire to relax and play and turns it into an effective method of building social, emotional, and developmental skills. GATE’s CBT uses play therapy techniques such as role-playing, simulation, and thought experiments to teach you necessary life skills and coping mechanisms, so you can become a more well-rounded person overall.

Therapy Made Easy

We know how difficult therapy can be. That’s why our specialists work to create a system that works best for you. Our CBT can be administered in individual sessions, parent-child sessions, family sessions, and group sessions so you can get help in the environment that will best facilitate your progress. We can also work with you and your family to design a treatment plan that covers everything you’d like to address.

How Does Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Work?

CBT is a form of psychotherapy known as talk therapy. In this type of therapy, a therapist will often guide the client through various thought exercises, experiments, and role-playing scenarios to help the client rework their perspective on a specific issue. Since CBT directly addresses the client’s thought processes, it can be applied to just about any situation to resolve a person’s unfavorable behaviors.

Once initial sessions are complete, a therapist creates a treatment plan that is customized to your specific needs and goals. We will then lead you through several CBT techniques to help you meet your goals, restructure your thought processes, and develop the skills necessary to identify and manage harmful behaviors as they appear.


Our personalized CBT in Edison, NJ helps target your specific mental health needs, no matter the extent of your struggles, desires for therapy, or preferred duration of treatment. We’re here to provide as much help as you need, so you can feel comfortable moving through life every day.

Length of Therapy

Most CBT therapy sessions last from 30-60 minutes and go on for about 12-20 weeks. This is all dependent on the individual progress of the client, and no matter how much or how little you’re progressing, the mental health specialists at GATE are here to support you every step of the way.


At GATE, we take the confidentiality of our clients very seriously. During your cognitive-behavioral therapy, you will work one-on-one with our therapists in a safe and private environment where you can feel comfortable expressing your feelings and exploring your mental health issues without criticism. We won’t share any personal information without your permission because your mental health is strictly your business.

Customized Treatment Plans

The therapists at GATE approach your treatment with your specific needs in mind. Our CBT sessions are flexible and adaptable, so you can always receive top-notch treatment no matter the nature of your situation. No one experiences mental health issues the same way, and we’ll work with you and your family to resolve any issues you may have as effectively as possible.

Benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

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Improved Self Esteem

Cognitive-behavioral therapy works by altering your personal perception of yourself and the world around you, which can be greatly beneficial in building your self-esteem. By analyzing your negative thoughts concerning your self-image, you can begin to realize that these perceptions may not be based on reality and instead are the result of harmful thinking. Once these thoughts are identified, GATE’s therapists in Edison, NJ help you develop the skills necessary to identify when you’re having negative thoughts, how they’re affecting you, and what you can do to readjust your line of thinking.


Healthy Coping Strategies

CBT can also help you better understand and manage how you react to certain daily stressors. Our moods are often the direct result of how we think about certain situations, especially moments of stress or trauma. GATE’s CBT helps you identify what is causing you to react a certain way and teaches you how to cope and change that behavior over time.

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Improved Communication Skills

While establishing proper thinking patterns is essential to CBT, developing effective ways to communicate that thinking also plays an integral role. Our CBT allows clients to better understand themselves and how they interact with the world so they can understand how past behaviors led to where they are as well as how healthier behaviors can take them someplace better.

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