Depression Therapy in NJ

Depression Therapy Treatments

Individual Therapy

This type of depression therapy allows you to sit down with one of our licensed counselors. In this one-on-one setting, you’ll work through thoughts and emotions related to or caused by your depression so you can grow in mental health.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a practice that focuses on how our thoughts affect our behaviors. Our counselors will work with you to break negative thinking patterns so you can address situations in a healthier way.

Group Therapy

In depression group therapy, you’ll find support and encouragement from others who also have depression. While one of our counselors will supervise the group, it is meant for you to talk and listen so you can grow in understanding of depression and its effects on your life.

Play Therapy

At Gaming Approaches Towards Education, LLC (GATE), we provide play therapy for our clients. Board games, storytelling, role-playing, sand trays, and expressive arts are used in our therapy services.

Therapy Based on Your Needs

Our licensed depression counselors will help create a unique therapy plan to your exact mental health needs and therapy desires.

To make receiving depression therapy as easy as possible, we accept insurance. Some providers we accept include Horizon and CIGNA.

How Does Depression Therapy Work?

Depression therapy in NJ can help with the symptoms of any type of depression. Through individual, cognitive-behavioral, and group therapy, you’ll better understand how depression affects your life and how you can use healthy coping strategies. Whether you want to focus on your negative thought patterns, your behavior related to your depression, or you just want support, GATE is here for you.

GATE Therapy Intake Process

When you work with GATE, our therapists will guide you through our therapy process to create a  smooth transition into our psychological services. This process includes consultation, evaluation, and appointments.


During your depression therapy consultation in NJ, we’ll gather information so we can begin the process of finding the best treatment for you. This information will include prior diagnosis, insurance, treatment desires, and whether you prefer in-person or telehealth sessions. We’ll help you get set up on TheraNest, a confidential web-based program that will keep all of your information and future appointments in one place.


This part of the depression therapy process includes a self-evaluation and an evaluation conducted by one of our licensed counselors. This will help us find the appropriate level of care for your needs and mental health issues. Once you reach a consensus with your therapist, they will create a treatment plan to reflect what you’ve discussed.


You can confirm or cancel an appointment at any time as well as apply for copayments, all on TheraNest. This makes the appointment process easy and stress-free.

Benefits of Depression Therapy

Ease Stress

Depression is often accompanied by anxiety. When you sit down with our counselors, they will help you work through your negative thoughts and fears so you can live a more stress-free, mentally healthy life.

Healthy Coping Strategies

At GATE, our depression counselors will equip you with healthy coping strategies for your depression. Some of these strategies may be exercise, journaling, support animals, sleep schedules, and meditation.

Better Communication

Whether it’s in individual therapy or group therapy, our team as GATE will help you learn how to discuss your depression. Our counselors create a safe, confidential space so you can share how depression is affecting your life emotionally, mentally, and behaviorally.

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