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Depression Symptoms

Do you or a loved one struggle with depression? Gaming Approaches Towards Education, LLC (GATE) provides depressions therapy in NJ. There is no easy fix to this mental illness, but our therapists are experienced with helping clients work through their mental health issues and learn coping strategies. With many treatment options we can help you better understand your diagnosis, open up about your struggles, and help you change unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors.

Below we’ll outline some of the common symptoms of depression that we’ll address during therapy.

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Social Isolation

It's common for people with depression to pull away from friends and family when they are in a depressive state. This social isolation, while voluntary, can feel lonely and cause you not to reach out for help when you need it the most. Additionally, it's common to lose interest in activities you enjoy. During depression treatment, we'll help you learn how to better communicate how your feelings and express the support you need from loved ones.

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Unhealthy and untrue thought patterns are common if you struggle with depression. You may often feel pessimistic in the face of life struggles or unknown situations. Even if your situation turns out for the better, that hopelessness often lingers. Our depression therapists will help you break these negative thinking patterns for healthier ones.

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Sleep Issues

If you struggle with depression, one symptom you may be experiencing is insomnia. Unhealthy thoughts can cause you to stay up late and be able to fall asleep. Our therapists provide you with coping strategies to reduce symptoms like insomnia so you can sleep better.

Play Therapy

At GATE, we provide play therapy for our clients. Board games, storytelling, role-playing, sand trays, and expressive arts are used in our depression therapy services.

Therapy Based on Your Needs

Our licensed depression counselors will help create a unique therapy plan to your exact mental health needs and therapy desires.

To make receiving depression treatment as easy as possible, we accept insurance. Some providers we accept include Horizon and CIGNA.

How Does Depression Therapy Work?

Depression therapy in NJ can help with the symptoms of any type of depression, regardless of severity. Depression therapy can also help to grow your understanding of the importance of mental health. Through individual, cognitive-behavioral, and group therapy, you’ll better understand how depression affects your everyday life and how you can use healthy coping strategies. Whether you want to focus on your negative thought patterns, your behavior related to your depression, or you just want support, GATE is here for you.

Our depression therapy helps you pinpoint past trauma that could be contributing to your depression, deconstruct unhealthy thought patterns, and provides strategies to cope with symptoms when they arise.

Types of Depression Therapy

At GATE, we provide multiple types of therapy to treat depression. Our therapists help you decide which type of therapy is right for you and your unique mental illness. Below are the most common types of depression therapy we offer in NJ.

We treat clinical depression in the below location:

Individual therapy

This type of depression treatment allows you to sit down with one of our licensed counselors. In this one-on-one setting, you’ll work through thoughts and emotions related to or caused by your depression so you can improve your mental health.

This talk therapy allows you to build trust and open up to our therapists to discuss struggles in your past that are contributing to your depression. There is no judgment when you work with our therapists and we ensure confidentiality and privacy.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a practice that focuses on how our thoughts affect our behaviors. Unhealthy thoughts lead to unhealthy actions which means if you’re letting your depressive thoughts guide you, it can lead to very harmful decisions to yourself or others.

Our depression therapists help you identify these negative thoughts and change them into healthier ones so you can make better decisions.

Group therapy

In depression group therapy, you’ll find support and encouragement from others who also have depression. While one of our counselors will supervise the group, it is meant for you to talk and listen so you can grow in understanding of depression and its effects on your life.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn, share, and build connections with others who know exactly what you’re going through. Community is a big part of a holistic depression treatment plan and the pursuit of a healthy habits.

Benefits of Depression Therapy


Ease Stress

Depression is often accompanied by anxiety. When you sit down with our counselors, they will help you work through your negative thoughts, low self esteem, and fears so you can live a more stress-free, mentally healthy life.

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Healthy Coping Strategies

At GATE, our depression counselors will equip you with healthy coping strategies for your depression. Some of these strategies may be exercise, journaling, support animals, sleep schedules, and meditation.

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Better Communication

Whether it’s in individual therapy or group therapy, our team as GATE will help you learn how to discuss your depression in a healthy and safe environment. Our counselors create a safe, confidential space so you can share how depression is affecting your life emotionally, mentally, and behaviorally.

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