Depression Therapy in Edison, NJ

Depression Symptoms

If you struggle with depression, you don’t have to face it alone. Gaming Approaches Towards Education, LLC (GATE) provides depression therapy in Edison, NJ. Our experience therapists understand there’s no easy fix to this mental health disorder, but their experience and expertise can help you learn coping strategies and grow in mental strength. We’ll help you better understand your diagnosis, open up about your struggles, and learn to choose healthier thoughts and actions.

Below, we outline some of the common symptoms that depression therapy in Edison, NJ addresses.

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Social Isolation

With depression, it's common for people to distance themselves from friends and family. While this isolation is voluntary, it can be lonely and the longer it persists, the harder it is to reach out again for help. This social isolation is often accompanied by an abandonment of activities and interests that once brought joy. At GATE, our depression therapy helps you learn to communicate how your feeling to loved ones so you can receive the support you need.

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Feelings of hopelessness and other unhealthy and untrue thoughts are common with depression. It can be easy to see the world through a pessimistic lens even when things turn out for the better. Our therapists will help you break these unhealthy thought patterns so you can feel better and choose better, healthier actions.

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Sleep Issues

Sleep issues are also common with depression. You may experience insomnia due to unhealthy thoughts keeping you up late. Our therapists provide you with coping strategies so you can remain well rested even when depressive symptoms arise.

Play Therapy

In play therapy, our depression therapists in Edison, NJ, use board games, storytelling, role-playing, sand trays, and expressive arts to help teach communication, coping, and life skills to people with depression.

Therapy Based on Your Needs

Our therapists work with you to determine your specific needs and the best depression therapy treatments for your mental health. At GATE, we strive to customize our therapy services to you.

How Does Depression Therapy Work?

Depending on your depression symptoms, we offer a variety of therapies to help you cope with them. Our depression therapy help you understand your diagnosis and how to work through your mental health struggles in therapy services we tailor to your needs.

Types of Depression Therapy

Our depression therapists provide a variety of holistic therapies to help you grow in your mental health. Each of our depression therapy plans are customizable to address your unique mental health struggles and personal difficulties. Below are three of the most common types of depression therapy we offer in Edison, NJ.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides a safe space where you sit one-on-one with our therapists. Together, you’ll work through your struggles, thoughts, and emotions. This provides a space where you can express yourself, learn coping strategies for our therapist, and find freedom from depressive symptoms.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

This type of depression therapy focuses on how the thoughts impact behaviors. During cognitive-behavioral therapy, our therapists will help you identify unhealthy thoughts and understand how they’re leading to unhealthy actions. We’ll then help you change these thoughts so you can make healthier choices in your life and find freedom from the depressive symptoms that control your actions.

Group Therapy

Depression group therapy allows you to find support from others who know what you’re experiencing. During these sessions you’ll have an opportunity to listen to others speak about their experiences with depression as well as contribute your thoughts and feelings. One of our therapists leads this group to ensure a safe, supportive space that allows each client an opportunity to learn and receive encouragement.

Benefits of Depression Therapy


Ease Stress

Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand. Depression therapy allows you to work with one of our counselors to talk about the issues that cause you stress. A depression therapist can help you develop tools to handle your negative thoughts and fears.

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Healthy Coping Strategies

Depression can be overwhelming, so our counselors will help you find ways to cope. These coping strategies include exercising, journaling, fixing sleep schedules, mediation, and getting support animals.

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Better Communication

All of our depression therapy options at GATE will help you find new ways to cope and talk about your depression. You aren’t alone, and our therapists are here to provide a safe space for you to communicate the emotional, mental, and behavioral effects depression has on your life and get help to grow in your mental health.

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