Depression Therapists in Edison, NJ

Depression Therapy Treatments

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy allows those with depression to sit with one of our licensed counselors to discuss their mental health. This one-on-one setting is safe and confidential for you to work through your thoughts and emotions with one of our depression therapists in Edison, NJ.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Our therapists help you work through your depressive thoughts to understand how these thoughts affect your behaviors. We’ll help you deal with these negative thought patterns with helpful tools and coping strategies.

Group Therapy

An effective way to get support for your depression is by learning from shared experiences and finding encouragement from others with depression. Group therapy does precisely that. In a group session led by a depression therapist in Edison, NJ, you’ll talk with and listen to those dealing with the same diagnosis.

Play Therapy

In play therapy, our depression therapists in Edison, NJ, use board games, storytelling, role-playing, sand trays, and expressive arts to help teach communication, coping, and life skills to people with depression.

Therapy Based on Your Needs

Our therapists work with you to determine your specific needs and the best depression therapy treatments for your mental health. At GATE, we strive to customize our therapy services to you.

How Does Depression Therapy Work?

Depending on your depression symptoms, we offer a variety of therapies to help you cope with them. Our depression therapists help you understand your diagnosis and how to work through your mental health struggles in therapy services we tailor to your needs.

GATE Therapy Process

At GATE, one of our depression therapists will guide you through the process of getting started with our therapy services. We will perform a consultation and evaluation prior to your first appointment to ensure your therapy needs are met.


At GATE, we offer telehealth and in-person sessions at our Edison, NJ, office for your convenience. One of our depression therapists in Edison, NJ, will gather your information to best tailor our services to you. This includes any prior diagnoses, insurance, treatment desires, and the location of your sessions. In addition, we will set you up on TheraNest, our confidential web-based program that allows you to access your information, schedule appointments, and pay co-payments.


Our evaluation stage includes a guided self-evaluation and an evaluation from one of our therapists. The results of the evaluations help tailor our therapies to your specific needs. Once our depression therapist has approved the treatment plan with you, you may begin to schedule appointments.


Using TheraNest, you can create and cancel appointments around your schedule or per your needs. In addition, you can upload your credit card information to TheraNest to make paying for your co-payments stress-free and easy.

Benefits of Depression Therapy

Ease Stress

Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand. Depression therapy allows you to work with one of our counselors to talk about the issues that cause you stress. A depression therapist can help you develop tools to handle your negative thoughts and fears.

Healthy Coping Strategies

Depression can be overwhelming, so our counselors will help you find ways to cope. These coping strategies include exercising, journaling, fixing sleep schedules, mediation, and getting support animals.

Better Communication

All of our depression therapy options at GATE will help you find new ways to cope and talk about your depression. You aren’t alone, and our therapists are here to provide a safe space for you to communicate the emotional, mental, and behavioral effects depression has on your life and get help to grow in your mental health.

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