Family Therapy New Brunswick, NJ

Family is important, and at GATE, we offer family therapy in New Brunswick, NJ, that can help you work through family issues like conflicts, trauma, and loss. We’ll support you through the process and equip you and your family with the tools to communicate your thoughts and feelings in healthier ways. We offer a comprehensive and tailored approach to family therapy in New Brunswick, NJ, and we strive to build better relationships for families.

Family Therapy Treatments

At GATE, we offer individual therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and group therapy for those seeking options for family therapy in New Brunswick, NJ. We work with you and your family to help you work through family conflicts, trauma, loss, and other family struggles.

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a private, one-on-one therapy session between you and the family therapist. This safe environment allows you to be open about your mental health and concerns away from your family. We’ll support you and help you build the communication skills you need to be prepared for group therapy with your family.

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an effective type of family therapy that helps our clients understand the connection between our thoughts and actions. Our family therapists will take the time to help you understand this connection so that you can build better thought processes which will lead to better outcomes, actions, and behaviors.

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Group Therapy

One of our experienced family therapists will lead group therapy to ensure there is a safe environment for all members of the family to speak freely and communicate their concerns. This therapy builds upon the skills learned in individual therapy and grants you the opportunity to communicate your concerns to other family members. We also offer multi-family group therapy sessions in New Brunswick, NJ that can serve as a great way to learn from shared experiences.

Play Therapy

We implement games into our therapy services to teach valuable skills for coping and addressing your mental health. These games include board games, storytelling, role-playing, sand trays, and expressive arts.

Therapy Based on Your Needs

We tailor family therapy in New Brunswick, NJ. Our family therapists are trained and experienced to work closely with our clients to determine the best implementation of our therapy services to treat their mental health concerns.

How Does Family Therapy Work?

Our family therapy in New Brunswick, NJ, works by creating a safe space for you to address your mental health issues that result from family conflict. We help you and your family resolve trauma, conflict, and loss through our tailored approach to therapy. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you get the care you need.

GATE Therapy Process

When you trust GATE with your family therapy, one of our family therapists will guide you through our onboarding process so we can tailor our services to your mental health needs.

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Our therapy process starts with an initial consultation. In this consultation, one of our counselors will collect relevant information from you like insurance, medical history, prior diagnoses, and your goals for therapy. Your sessions can be in-person or online on our confidential web program, TheraNest.

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Next, we’ll guide you through a self-evaluation so they can better understand your mental health struggles. We’ll use the information we collect to tailor our therapy options to your needs.


Then, you can start to schedule therapy sessions around your schedule online on TheraNest. TheraNest also allows you to cancel or reschedule your family therapy appointments if needed and makes paying for your copayments easier after inputting your credit card information.

Benefits of Family Therapy

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Develop Healthy Boundaries

One common conflict we can address in our family therapy sessions is boundaries. Boundaries are important for creating a healthy space between you and your other family members for the betterment of your mental health. Our family therapists can help you address these issues amicably and effectively to the other members of your family.


Improve Communication

We help all family members communicate effectively about their concerns, needs, and boundaries. The goal for our sessions is to ensure all voices are heard and that everyone is comfortable sharing and learning from each other.

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Address Negative Interactions

At GATE, provide a safe environment for you to address the negative interactions that happen in your family. Our family therapists can provide you with the skills and support you need to effectively communicate your concerns about codependency, enabling, and other harmful interactions during family therapy in New Brunswick, NJ.

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