Parent Support Groups

Types of Parent Support Groups

Autism Play

If your child is in Autism play therapy, our autism play parent group is a continuation of that model. Our counselors will use cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavioral analysis, and various forms of play therapy to create direct and indirect interventions that focus on your goals associated with emotional regulation, social skills, and relationships.

Rational Living Therapy

During our Rational Living Therapy Groups, our therapists will address your concerns through techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. This will help you acknowledge your feelings, how they affect your behavior, and allow you to find healthier ways to cope.

Rational Positive Parenting Program

In this therapy group, our counselors teach from the Rational Positive Parenting Program, a model based on Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, which is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy. This program helps parents address their concerns related to their children’s diagnosis. We will focus on your emotions and how they are leading to false beliefs and parent burnout.

Play Therapy

At Gate, we believe that the combination of play and therapy can help our clients develop social, emotional, and developmental skills. We use tools such as board games, storytelling, role-playing, sand trays, and expressive arts. Through play therapy, our counselors help teach life skills and healthy coping strategies.

Therapy Based on Your Needs

Our counselors work with each client individually to create a unique treatment plan. We don’t believe in one size fits all. We strive to create a therapy plan that meets your mental health needs and therapy desires.

How Do Parent Support Groups Work?

Parent support groups are designed to provide a safe, informal space for parents with similar challenges, a place to share and learn. As the word support implies, these groups are meant to help parents feel like they are not alone in the struggles they are facing with their children. There’s no judgment in GATE parent support groups. We provide understanding, encouragement, and new ideas so you can work to improve the relationship between you and your children.

GATE Therapy Intake Process

Autism play therapy is a type of therapy service that allows our clients a safe and relaxed environment to learn and grow. Your child will have the opportunity to explore activities they’re interested in while learning better ways to express themselves.


During this step, we gather all the information pertaining to you, your past diagnosis, and your treatment desires. Our counselors will need your insurance as well as your preference for in-person or telehealth therapy sessions. By gathering this information, we can start building the right therapy plan for your unique needs.


Once we have all the technical information, one of our therapists will sit down with you one-on-one to decide on a treatment plan. You will conduct your own evaluation, followed by an evaluation conducted by one of our counselors. Our counselors will help you understand their professional opinion of what may help you the most on your mental health journey. Once you reach an agreement, our counselors will design a therapy plan specific to these needs and desires.


During the appointment phase of our therapy process, our counselors at GATE will help you reach your goals, provide support and knowledge, and help guide you on your journey to increased mental health. You can schedule and reschedule appointments as well as apply credit card information for co-payments on TheraNest.

Benefits of Parent Support Groups

Healthy Coping Strategies

Whether you have a child with a difficult diagnosis or just a complicated relationship with your child, parent support groups can help provide healthy coping strategies. As a parent, the focus is often placed on the child. However, it’s still important to focus on your own mental health. During parent support groups, you’ll learn ways to cope with the difficult situations you’re facing.

Parenting Ideas

Sharing is a big part of any support group. Parent support groups provide you a place to learn from other parents and to hear what strategies they use for parenting. While primarily letting group members carry the session, our counselors also provide professional insight and additional parenting ideas.


As simple as it may sound, parent support groups provide support. Parenting can be a challenge, and it can often feel like an isolating endeavor. However, during parent support groups, you will receive encouragement and understanding from parents who understand your struggles.

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