Sibling Therapy in Edison, NJ

Are you an adult seeking to resolve disputes with your sibling(s) or a parent looking to help your children develop a healthier relationship? The licensed therapists at Gaming Approaches Towards Education, LLC (GATE) in Edison, NJ specialize in sibling therapy in Edison, NJ, for siblings of all ages. 

GATE helps you devise an individual treatment plan that suits you and your sibling’s needs. Our therapies can lead to improved mental health and family dynamics.

Sibling Conflict Therapy Plans

Depending on you and your siblings’ needs, GATE approaches sibling therapy in three different therapeutic ways:

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Individual Therapy

Discovering the best path forward in your relationship with your sibling(s) involves addressing your perception of the sibling relationship and your place in it. The therapists at GATE work one-on-one with you and your sibling(s) to help plan and prepare strategies for conflict resolution. Our therapists also help each person focus on their personal mental health.

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) examines the relationship between your thoughts and the resulting behaviors that come from them. Analyzing how your thoughts affect your behaviors allows you to better understand why you act the way you do in your relationship with your sibling(s). Using meta-cognition or thinking about thinking, we can help you prepare to address conflicts and change your thought process, which results in noticeable behavior changes.

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Group Therapy

Group therapy, in small and large group settings, can significantly help sibling conflicts. A conflict remediation therapist guides you and your sibling(s) to a resolution in a small group setting. For children, this might take the form of family therapy.
In large group sessions, you and your sibling(s) can work with a group therapy counselor and other sibling groups who are also working on their relationships. The large group perspective can help you focus on your sibling relationship, how you see yourself in it, and any changes you want to make.

Play Therapy

In play therapy, we use tools such as board games, storytelling, role-playing, sand trays, and expressive arts to help you connect with your sibling(s) and better understand your own feelings. At GATE, we combine sibling therapy and gaming to create a positive environment that allows you to deal with emotional and mental health issues in a relaxed way.

Therapy Based on Your Needs

At GATE, our licensed counselors help create an individualized mental health therapy plan for your unique needs.

How Our Counselors Can Help

Helping clients achieve their mental health goals is the top priority in our sibling therapy in Edison, NJ. We help you and your sibling(s) resolve the conflict and trauma that is holding back the growth of your relationships. 

To learn more about our therapy process, take the first step and schedule an onboarding session with us today.

GATE Therapy Process

The licensed therapists, social workers, and counselors at GATE follow a three-step process to deliver sibling therapy in Edison, NJ. These steps include consultation, evaluation, and initial appointment.

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During the consultation step, the goal is to determine what type of therapy works best for your needs. Topics of discussion include:

  • Insurance Coverage
  • Medical history
  • Therapy goals 
  • Preferences to in-person sessions or remote sessions 

We respect patient confidentiality and use TheraNest, our confidential web program, to ensure that your medical data is kept localized and confidential.

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During the evaluation step, we ensure that you receive the best care by building a treatment plan around your needs, therapy goals, and mental health evaluation. We’ll conduct our own evaluation, and you’ll take a self-evaluation to determine the best approach to care.


During the appointment step, we work session by session to meet your treatment plan goals. TheraNest allows you to control the scheduling of your therapy sessions and even make payments online at your convenience.

Benefits of Sibling Conflict Therapy

Sibling therapy has many benefits. You or your children can develop the following skills:

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Better Communication

The therapists at GATE understand that better communication involves more than simply exchanging information. They help you learn to understand the emotion and intentions behind the shared information. In this way, our clients can set reasonable boundaries, express needs, and wants and navigate conflict in a healthy way.


Improved Empathy

Empathy is our ability to identify and understand other people's emotions. Our therapists use role-playing and other skill-building techniques in sibling therapy to help you and your sibling(s) improve empathy for each other. Improved empathy skills help you to re-establish connections with your siblings and rebuild your relationships.

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Healthy Emotional Expression

Our sibling therapists in Edison, NJ, help our clients develop appropriate and healthy ways to express the negative and positive emotions they experience in their relationships. We help siblings understand emotions, genuinely feel them and react in a healthy manner, allowing the relationship between them to heal, grow and flourish.

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