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Types of Social Skills Groups


After discussing your medical history and specific therapy goals, our mental health counselors will work with you to determine which type of social skills group therapy is best suited to your mental health needs. Each group is based on diagnoses and has its own specific therapy approaches and activities.

Children & Teenagers

For children who learn differently or have learning disabilities, picking up on social cues might be difficult without proper guidance and direction. Traditionally, society has taken it for granted that children learn social skills the same way naturally. However, these assumptions are based on neurotypical children. As our understanding of human social development grows, our ability to help non-neurotypical children also grows.


Recent developments in our understanding of the human being as a social organism can also help us teach non-neurotypical adults valuable social skills. Our therapists are trained to help non-neurotypical adults and adults with learning disabilities finally receive the appropriate intervention training they should have received as a child. We run groups designed to help adults cultivate the skills necessary to succeed in our modern world.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is an integral part of our social skills groups in NJ. This interactive type of therapy takes advantage of our human desire for play and companionship to teach clients valuable skills in a structured and safe environment. Our mental health therapists specialize in play therapy. It is a fun and interactive way to develop social skills.

Therapy Based on Your Needs

At GATE, our licensed therapists work with you to devise the best plan for your needs. Trust us to help you reach your mental health goals.

How Do Social Skills Groups Work?

Social skills group is a type of group therapy that has members engage in activities,  role-playing, and games designed to help participants learn various social cues, set and respect boundaries, and other skills vital to functioning in our society. Our mental health therapists create a safe environment for our clients to learn and practice these vital skills without fear of rejection or other adverse social consequences.

GATE Therapy Intake Process

GATE’s licensed therapists use a three-step process to determine what type of social skills group in NJ is best for you. This process works as follows: consultation, evaluation, and initial appointment.


This phase helps our therapists learn more about you. We go over insurance, medical history, therapy goals and determine whether you’d prefer in-person sessions or remote sessions during this step. Your medical data is kept localized and secure using a confidential web-based program, TheraNest.


During the evaluation phase, our counselors will help build a social skills group treatment plan based on your needs and mental health goals. The client performs a self-evaluation which is factored into the evaluation conducted by one of our trained therapists. This phase helps ensure that you receive the best possible care.


In the appointment phase, our mental health therapists work with you session by session to meet your treatment plan goals. Using TheraNest, you can schedule, reschedule, and make payments online at your convenience.

Benefits of Social Skills Groups

Improved Communication

Both our child and adult clients learn improved communication skills in social skills therapy. Learning to communicate effectively can be difficult for people with learning disabilities or other non-neurotypical attributes. Our targeted and specifically tailored approach aids participants in social skills groups to develop vital communication skills in a safe and controlled setting.

Problem-Solving Skills

Through simulation, role-playing, and play therapy, our clients learn and practice problem-solving skills that they can apply in real-life situations during interpersonal conflict or other stressful situations.

Healthy Social Behaviors

Our clients will also learn how to set and respect healthy boundaries, handle conflicts, and healthily express their emotions. Not everybody learns in the same way. That is why our social skills group therapy is designed to help each individual succeed in learning vital social skills and grow in their mental health.

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